It has already been proven that Bitcoin Trader is a powerful trading system. This has made it easy for traders around the world to change their lives for good. The software comes with unique features that work together to produce the most reliable trading signals ever when it comes to bot software. It’s designed to make sure not only experienced traders, but beginners feel at ease when they use it. The feature of high quality signals generated by the software has helped to make profit during trading.



Bitcoin Trader has the tools to help beginners and also progressed fair enough to meet the needs of experienced traders because it was developed by a team of professional investors and software programmers. The software is well designed to be easy to use. The Bitcoin trader software algorithms and technologies enable accuracy in market analyses and also help determine when to trade or exit trading.

The Bitcoin Trader is one of the bot trading software that has allowed investors to take advantage of the powerful crypto currency markets and also take advantage of the automated or manual trading. The Bitcoin trader software has a 99.4% accuracy success rate, which has helped traders earn more than $ 1,300 on an average a day. Also note that, the Bitcoin Trader software has received numerous awards, some of the awards include first place in the trading software category of the US Trading Association. So if for a fact you are doubting the legitimacy of the Bitcoin Trader software then read out this review to the end to confirm if the bot software platform is legit or not.


Is Bitcoin Trader software legit or scam?

The Bitcoin Trader software is absolutely legit and we would back it up with proof to support this statement. First, the Bitcoin Trader is a free software. This of course removes all the financial risks associated with fraud systems.

Another point to back this proof is that the Bitcoin Trader has received countless positive reviews from real traders who have really benefited from it. Different reviews states that this software is reliable and safe to use.

Thirdly,it will never link your account to counterfeit brokers. Once you are done with the initial registration phase on the website, you will be linked to a regulated broker that will provide you with a secure trading platform. In addition, you can expect a quick payout option when the need arises.



Why you should trust the Bitcoin trader platform?

In our present world where the competition in the digital currency trading world is on the rise, it is for a fact that clients search for reviews on the software that would be right for them to trade on. Since the launch of the Bitcoin Trader platform, different opinions has been made on the platform legitimacy. While some traders that have tested and trade on this platform believe that this platform is truly authentic, others are afraid to try it in other not to fall into scam. But we would like to confirm to you that throughout our review, we found no suspicion on the Bitcoin Trader application.

We make sure our analysis is unbiased and honest and emphasizes all the essential features of the robotic software. Not only that we can confirm to you that the Bitcoin Trader is a legitimate app, but there are lots of other Internet critics who claim the same and confirm the legitimacy of the app. All these comments and criticism has helped traders to access the Bitcoin trader platform and its capabilities before they are used.

Note: Due to the fact that there are lot of fraudulent systems in the financial market, it would be great to discover a tool that is both legitimate and able to deliver on its promises. We can guarantee you that Bitcoin Trader is a reliable investment trading solution.


What the Bitcoin trader is all about

The Bitcoin Trader is an automated trading system that helps different traders to earn more money from the crypto currency market without stress. The system works with trading robots who use funds on the Bitcoin Trader account of investors to buy and sell cryptocurrency when the price goes up.

Intelligent robots manage the trading system and used an advanced algorithm to analyze the entire crypto currency market in other to search for the best deals. The system is fast and trading robots can do transactions in seconds.


How the Bitcoin trader works

The Bitcoin trader accounts are automatically connected to VPS known as Virtual Private Servers. This ensures that the generated signals are executed in real time on the market. The Bitcoin trader app stays 0.01 seconds ahead of the market, as a trader you would understand the advantage of this rapidly changing financial market.

We also know that automated trading software can do many more transactions than people, which could lead to significantly higher profits. A good automated trading application like the Bitcoin trader helps to find a profitable transactions, even when the market falls. This s why it features the best trends as well as advanced algorithms and specific metrics, in other to attract more profits to investors.

The way Bitcoin Trader works combines all of the above advantages and has therefore managed to impress. In a market where fraud is rampant, Bitcoin Trader is a breath of fresh air.


How to create a Bitcoin trader account

To use the system, you must first register and create your trading account. On the company’s website you will find a simple form in which you only have to enter your e-mail address and your name. Once this first step is completed, you will be redirected to the web site of the broker where you need to register and make a deposit.

Listed below are steps to follow in other to create your Bitcoin trader account:


Step : Register your Bitcoin trader account

You automatically become a member of the Bitcoin Trader team once you complete the registration process and also you would have free access to the Bitcoin trading software. The company does not charge any fees or commissions. Also note that the money invested and all the profits you made can be withdrawn at any time.


Step : Deposit into your account

The minimum amount to invest is 250 USD, also this is the lowest amount in terms of deposit size which means you can invest more if you wish. There are several secure payment methods so you can choose the one that suits you best.


Step 3 : Start trading immediately

To start trading you would click on the live trade button to activate the automatic trading software. There is also a manual trading option for investors who prefer to handle trading them self.

Overall, Bitcoin Trader is indeed very easy to configure. The software is free, except for the investment required to start trading and earn profits. It also has a feature that offers the opportunity for manual trading. This is a significant advantage as the app is attractive to people who want to keep control over their business activities.


Features of Bitcoin Trader

Custom trade Settings:

Bitcoin Trader has a customization business settings option. This is another great utility, as many new users connect as well. These settings make the user interface overall user-friendly. If the problem persists, you can contact Customer Support via a live chat.

Risk Management:

The Bitcoin trader app features a 6 risk management settings which would allow you to control the size of your default transaction and also help minimize losses in the case of bad signals. It is always a good idea to set the maximum number of daily transactions to the lowest value.

Some trading systems can generate more than 100 transactions in one hour. The Maximum Concurrent Transactions setting allows you to limit the number of concurrent transactions.

Asset selection:

The benefit of the asset selection feature is that we know algorithm can sometimes work well under normal market conditions, but perform poorly in volatile markets, this is where asset selection comes into play.

Trade demo:

The trade demo features would show you the whole process involved in the trading software platform as soon as you open the trading software app website. But take note that demo trading is not real and only shows profits margin. The purpose of the trading demo feature is to introduce you to the software, but not the actual signals or business results.


This is one of the areas we have focused on when testing all functions. The membership, the opening of a new account and the deposit are free. The system charges a commission on the profits of investors. We think its right, the system only gets a commission after you have become rich.

Customer service

The Customer Support team is available to answer your questions by phone, email, and chat. Of the three available modes of communication, live chat is the fastest, as you will immediately contact one of their representatives. We found the polite, professional and fast representatives in the help they needed.


Benefits of using Bitcoin trader


You do not have to pay anything fee to use the tool. When you register, you are free to use forever.

Withdrawals and deposits:

The money transfer on this platform is effortless compared to other robots. Only a few necessary bank details are required and the amount is transferred in minutes without time wastage. In addition, the processing of withdrawals does not take longer than 24 hours. Make sure you provide the correct payment method and details needed.

User-friendly and offers simple functions:

Beginners in the financial trading will not have a problem using the main features of Bitcoin Trader platform because the interface is simple and the site is easy to navigate.

Customer service:

The application is so user-friendly that you do not need any help. If you need help, they are available via chat and e-mail.


Its user-friendly interface, fast transactions, live support, and customizable settings have given it excellent ratings compared to other robots in the industry.

Demo trading functionality:

The demo trading functionality would show you the whole process involved in the trading software platform as soon as you open the trading software app website. But take note that demo trading functionality is not real and only shows profits margin. The purpose of the trading demo functionality is to introduce you to the software, but not the actual signals or business results.

Fast transactions:

It is important for users to have access to a system that performs very fast transactions in orderto earn more money in the Crypto currency market. After our test on the platform we are pleased and impressed by the Bitcoin Trader system.



We definitely recommend this automated cryptocurrency trading robot for your crypto trading. After using and accessing this platform we believe that this application is ideal. Note, if you are a beginner in the world of cryptography there is an option to create a demo account, this helps to understand how to trade in real life. Every step is easy from registration on the platform till you start the real trade. The time spent on withdrawing funds is also much faster.

An important point to reiterate is that you always have to start with less money. Even if you have already made transactions, keep the amount as low as possible, the main reason for this advice is that you won’t lose much if a risk factor becomes an ugly outcome.